S.A.E. - Supervised Agricultural Experience

An agricultural education program is made up of three integrated parts: Classroom instruction, FFA and Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE).

Students with an SAE learn by doing. With help from their agricultural teachers, students develop an SAE project based on one or more SAE categories:




Own and operate an agricultural business (e.g. a lawn care service, a pay-to-fish operation, holiday poinsettia production and sales.)


Get a job or internship on a farm or ranch, at an agriculture-based business, or in a school or factory laboratory.


Research and Experimentation
Plan and conduct a scientific experiment. (e.g. Determine whether the phases of the moon affect plant growth, or test and determine the efficacy of different welding methods.)


Explore careers in agriculture by attending an agriculture career fair, or creating a report or documentary on the work of a veterinarian.

SAE Release - Project Proposal
SAEForm 2021-2022.doc
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S.A.E. Hours Log
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            Agriculture Proficiency Awards


Proficiency Award Information


2015 Proficiency Award Areas


1.   Agricultural Communications

2.   Agricultural Education

3.   Agricultural Mechanics Design and Fabrication

4.   Agricultural Mechanics Energy Systems

5.   Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance - Entrepreneurship

6.   Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance - Placement

7.   Agricultural Processing

8.   Agricultural Sales – Entrepreneurship

9.   Agricultural Sales – Placement

10. Agricultural Services

11. Agriscience Research – Animal Systems

12. Agriscience Research – Integrated Systems

13. Agriscience Research – Plant Systems

14. Beef Production – Entrepreneurship

15. Beef Production – Placement

16. Dairy Production – Entrepreneurship

17. Dairy Production – Placement

18. Diversified Agricultural Production

19. Diversified Crop Production – Entrepreneurship

20. Diversified Crop Production – Placement

21. Diversified Horticulture

22. Diversified Livestock Production

23. Emerging Agricultural Technology

24. Environmental Science and Natural Resources

25. Equine Science - Entrepreneurship

26. Equine Science – Placement

27. Fiber and/or Oil Crop Production

28. Food Science and Technology

29. Forage Production

30. Forest Management and Products

31. Fruit Production

32. Goat Production

33. Grain Production – Entrepreneurship

34. Grain Production – Placement

35. Home and/or Community Development

36. Landscape Management

37. Nursery Operations

38. Outdoor Recreation

39. Poultry Production

40. Sheep Production

41. Small Animal Production and Care

42. Specialty Animal Production

43. Specialty Crop Production

44. Swine Production – Entrepreneurship

45. Swine Production – Placement

Important Dates


Friday, October 8


School Closed

*End of 1st Nine Weeks


Monday - Tuesday

October 10 - 11, 2021


School Closed


Friday, October 15

St. Clair CDE

St. Clair County Arena


Friday, October 29

Zoo Field Trip




1st Semester $30

2nd Semester $30


*May be paid all at once or seperate.


*All Shop Fees

can be paid through



Field Trip Form - CDE       Parent Release

Field Trip Form County CDE.docx
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Field Trip Form-CDE          Teacher Release

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   Tractor/UTV Consent

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