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Virtual Vet Camp Is Back!
Join veterinary students, faculty, technicians and staff from the world-renowned Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine for the
3-day Virtual Vet Camp Experience!
  • Separate camps for junior high, senior high, and rising 12th graders
  • Flexible schedule tailored for optimal online learning
  • Open registration (no application required)
  • Includes workbook, live faculty sessions and certificate of completion
Virtual Vet Camps and Dates:

                       Weekly Class Assignments

Agriscience Assignments
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Construction Framing Assignments
Construction Framing Assignments 2020-20[...]
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Intro to Vet Medicine Assignments
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                 Now Taking Online Payments

Students can now pay shop fees, FFA dues, or pay for field-trips online. MHS has entered a patnership with Paypams to allow parents and students to pay all school fees and associated costs online with several payment options.  Simply set-up an account and your ready to go.

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                      iCEV Student Log-in Codes

Moody High School Agriculture classes will be using the online platform iCEV.  iCEV is very similar to APEX, but was designed to be used in Career and Technical classes.  All MHS agriculture students will set-up an account to have access to class powerpoints, videos, hand-outs, work-sheets, and assessments.


1. Go to


2.  Students will enter their course code (listed below) .


      After entering the registration code, fill in your information

      and choose a username and password.


3.  Click "Submit".


      After clicking the "Submit" button, the course will appear on

      your (the student’s) "My Courses" page.



1st Period   -   Construction - STCTHOMP002

2nd Period -   Agriscience   - STCTHOMP003

4th Period  -   Agriscience   - STCTHOMP004

6th Period  -   Agriscince     - STCTHOMP005

7th Period  -   Vet Science    - STCTHOMP006

8th Period -   Construction - STCTHOMP007


* First eight characters are letters in code.           (STCTHOMP)

** Last three characters are numbers in code.    (Zer0, Zero, Number)

                    University of Georgia - 2019

               History of MHS Farms

History of MHS Farms
MHS AASB Presentation (2017).pptx
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                     University of Kentucky - 2018


                            University of Florida - 2017

            Mississippi State University - 2016

                      FARM DAY 2016

            Poultry Judging Practice

Poultry Judging Practice Guide
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Poultry Judging - Live Birds
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Moody High School Farms Expand...

On Saturday, September 12


Moody High School


students broke ground on the fruit orchard and small animal pasture.

Summer on The Farm...

Moody Elementary & Middle School Summer Camp students helped out on the farm by planting some peppers in the garden and working in the green house.  During the summer, students who wish can volunteer to come to the farm.  Below are some of the great students who volunteered.

The Year in Review...

Moody High School

Agriculture Field Trip



Auburn University

College of Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences


Moody High School Farms

"The Farm" begins...

We will be constructing our own farm in the coming years at Moody High School.  We will be building eight components that will make a complete ecosystem.  Below, is a list of the eight seperate items we will be building, along with their individual functions.  Our goal is to have everything completed in the 2023 - 2024 school year.



Eight-Tier Ecosystem

  1. Rain Barrels – design containers to collect rain water, emphasizing        conservation.
  2. Fish Tanks – the water from the rain barrels will be used to sustain the fish and water plants.
  3. Green-House - build a greenhouse to start bedding plants, & various other plants.  
  4. Garden – vegetable garden will be planted annually with plants started in the greenhouse.
  5. Corn Field / Pumpkin Patch – raise a field of corn & pumpkins to emphasize crop development and harvesting.
  6. Fenced Pasture – provided space for our out-door classroom demonstrations with livestock.
  7. Barn - will house small animals, poultry, and provide storage for feed and supplies.
  8. Fruit Orchard – this will allow us to talk about forestry & mature plant development.

Future Field Trips


                        All Field Trips Canceled


                     University of Tennessee


                      Clemson University


               Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College



                                     Berea College


                Middle Tennessee State University


Important Dates





1st Semester $20

2nd Semester $20


*May be paid all at once or seperate.


FFA Dues $20


*All Shop Fees and FFA dues

can be paid through



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